Reps. Greg Walden and Anna Eshoo have created a bipartisan task force charged with looking at how the federal government can use spectrum more efficiently. The Federal Spectrum Working Group will be led by Reps. Brett Guthrie and Doris Matsui and will examine how the federal government allocates and manages radio spectrum.

The Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act, passed in February, enables federal agencies to use funds generated by spectrum auctions to pay for transitions to other spectrum, which will result in freeing up airwaves for other uses.

The government's spectrum holdings are managed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which is an agency within the Commerce Department. A large portion of the government's spectrum is reserved for use by military or intelligence agencies, and those agencies have been reluctant to detail how much spectrum they actually use on a regular basis.


Wireless Innovation Alliance // 10:21 AM EST// Apr. 17
The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) released the statement below on today’s FCC Open Meeting where the Commission approved an order to implement a spectrum sharing framework in the 3550-3700 MHz band. More
Wireless Innovation Alliance // 6:06 PM EST// Feb. 10
The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) released the statement below in response to the introduction of the House and Senate Wi-Fi Innovation Act More
The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) is a broad-based group of innovators, providers, consumer groups, think tanks and education organizations that believe that more efficient use and expanded access to the nation’s spectrum resources are fundamental to the future of U.S. economic policy and global competitiveness, and that we face potential spectrum scarcities in both licensed and unlicensed bands that must be addressed in order for innovation and investment to move forward.
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