In a response to the current battle of how to allocate public airwaves, the Sacramento Bee’s Editorial Board has published a piece advocating for the expansion of unlicensed spectrum, especially in rural areas. The board cites a 2012 report by the President’ Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and its support of spectrum sharing. By tapping unused spectrum between television channels or bands not being used by government agencies for unlicensed usage, the board argues that the FCC can expand coverage, including in remote rural areas, and continue to “spur the wireless connections of the future.”
The Hill // 10:47 AM EST// May. 12
At the "Moving Wi-Fi Forward" event, Commissioner Rosenworcel discussed her "game plan" for unlicensed spectrum. More
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At West Virginia University, AIR.U is expanding its white space network past the initial deployment and is aiming to include coverage for the 70 tram cars, new parts of campus, and the Morgantown community. More
The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) is a broad-based group of innovators, providers, consumer groups, think tanks and education organizations that believe that more efficient use and expanded access to the nation’s spectrum resources are fundamental to the future of U.S. economic policy and global competitiveness, and that we face potential spectrum scarcities in both licensed and unlicensed bands that must be addressed in order for innovation and investment to move forward.
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