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Super WiFi, sometimes described as "WiFi on steroids", provides high-speed wireless Internet access on a far larger scale than ever imagined by traditional WiFi. All across the country, companies have begun testing and implementing Super WiFi to help propel local businesses, schools, and hospitals into the 21st Century, enabling Americans to use technology like never before.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski heralds this incredible platform for innovation as "the Commission's first significant release of unlicensed spectrum in 25 years." While other countries have considered the technology, the United States is the first nation to deploy it. Super WiFi is already transforming wireless communications across the country in some of America’s most fundamental industry sectors including health care, energy, education, and rural economic development.

With energy costs on the rise, the Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative turned to a groundbreaking "Smart Grid" platform to reduce energy costs to their constituents. But in order to make this "Smart Grid" more than just a smart idea, they turned to Google and Spectrum Bridge, Inc. and Super WiFi to get it done. More
"Big Cities" and "Smart Cities" may soon be one in the same thanks to Wilmington, North Carolina's new Smart City initiative. All aspects of the city's pulse will now be monitored in real time, helping city officials do their job more effectively. At the heart of this pulse monitoring is SuperWiFi, which is enabling cost-effective and far reaching broadband to the area's most critical points. More
Schools in Claudville, Virginia have committed themselves to connecting their students to local and national resources through the use of Super WiFi. This pioneering is successfully enabling high speed Internet service, extending broadband Internet access to the Claudville business district and the local school while simultaneously protecting users of TV broadcast spectrum. More
Logan, Ohio is breaking new ground in their deployment of Super WiFi technology at the Hocking Valley Community Hospital, in an effort to increase efficiency of patient care. With less stress on existing network infrastructure, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in Logan are now able to focus on providing healthcare, while Super WiFi quietly provides the platform. More
The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) is a broad-based group of innovators, providers, consumer groups, think tanks and education organizations that believe that more efficient use and expanded access to the nation’s spectrum resources are fundamental to the future of U.S. economic policy and global competitiveness, and that we face potential spectrum scarcities in both licensed and unlicensed bands that must be addressed in order for innovation and investment to move forward.
Spectrum, and specifically, the most efficient and expansive use of this most valuable natural resource, is fundamental to the future of U.S. economic growth, and global competitiveness. United States spectrum policy must also be efficient and flexible as well, so that we can encourage and accommodate new and innovative ways to meet the growing demand for wireless services and applications, and the growing inability - in both licensed and unlicensed bands - to meet that demand.
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