WIA Statement on the FCC's First Database Trial of SuperWiFi
Sep. 14, 2011  |   Wireless Innovation Alliance

The following statement may be attributed to the Wireless Innovation Alliance:

The Wireless Innovation Alliance congratulates the Federal Communications Commission on announcing the first database trial for SuperWiFi (white spaces). As Chairman Genachowski recognized, "Unleashing white spaces spectrum will enable a new wave of wireless innovation. It has the potential to exceed the billions of dollars in economic benefit from wi-fi, the last significant release of unlicensed spectrum, and drive private investment and job creation."

We could not agree more. Unlicensed spectrum is already a powerful platform for innovation. Unleashing the power of SuperWiFi will lead to yet another wave of new technologies, research, and commercial applications that will generate jobs and billions in economic growth when we need them most. We look forward to working with policymakers to bring the promise of SuperWiFi to communities across America.

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The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) is a broad-based group of innovators, providers, consumer groups, think tanks and education organizations that believe that more efficient use and expanded access to the nation’s spectrum resources are fundamental to the future of U.S. economic policy and global competitiveness, and that we face potential spectrum scarcities in both licensed and unlicensed bands that must be addressed in order for innovation and investment to move forward.
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